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1 More Shot!!
Release Date: 3/12/14
Price: 900 yen

New EP from the Party Animal crew, which is composed of DJ Tora and some other guys. Even though the songs are mostly EDM, you can definitely hear the DJ Tora influence. In fact, one of the songs, “Tokyo Rave,” is like a pseudo-remake of DJ Tora’s “Another Night.” The other two songs on the EP first appeared on FARM’s WMC -World Music Cruise- digital release earlier this year.

01. [2:11] 1 More Shot! (Radio Mix) / Party Animal
02. [3:00] Tokyo Rave (Radio Mix) / Party Animal
03. [3:26] Total Recall (Radio Mix) / Party Animal
04. [4:03] One Chance (Radio Mix) / Party Animal
05. [3:13] 1 More Shot! (Extend Mix) / Party Animal
06. [4:11] Toyko Rave (Extend Mix) / Party Animal
07. [4:54] Total Recall / Party Animal
08. [4:50] One Chance (Extend Mix) / Party Animal
09. [4:20] One Chance (Video) / Party Animal

2 Responses

  1. Vincent Says:

    On a different note on iTunes Japan released Best Hits Disco – 90’s which includes the Butterfly by Delaction.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    I have a post for it scheduled for next week. I should’ve scheduled it sooner, lol.

    Still, it gives me hope that Meganimation full versions will eventually get released.

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