Leaving Leaves – Final Release Info

Leaving Leaves
Release Date: 10/26/14
Price: 1000 yen

The autumn M3 event took place last weekend, and DJ Hyuji continued his prolific year with the release of two new albums. The first, “Leaving Leaves,” features two original songs and lots of remixes of those songs by frequent RTTF collaborators like Tadashi Yamamoto, Takahiro Aoki, and Luna. As always, a number of styles are represented, including speedcore, EDM, and J-Trance.

01. Green Leaves / Hyuji
02. Red Leaves / Hyuji
03. Midori no Mori to Yama no Kamisama (theme from “Green Leaves”) / Ponkichi
04. Red Leaves -Aya2g Tech Dance Remix- / Ayatsgu_Otowa
05. Green Leaves (KO3 Remix) / KO3
06. Red Leaves (kanone J-Style Remix) / kanone
07. Green Leaves (uma Remix) / uma
08. momiji (radio edit) / Tadashi Yamamoto
09. Green Leaves (T. Aoki Electro Remix) / Takahiro Aoki
10. Red Leaves (XEN Remix) / XEN
11. Megaphyll:Leaves (Red+Green mix) / Saiph
12. Green Leaves -next phase mix- / FIG
13. Red Leaves (Lycoris Radiata Remix) / heric
14. Green Leaves (Luna Remix) / Luna

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