Mikito P – Good School Girl – Final Release Info

Good School Girl
Artist: Mikito P
Release Date: 11/5/14
Price: 2500 yen (CD+DVD Edition) or 2000 yen (CD Only)

Second album from Mikito P. Comes in both a CD+DVD version as well as a CD only version. Bonus items include a guitar pick and poster. Visit the official website for info and samples.

01. [5:21] Matoi
02. [4:08] Balleri Ko
03. [4:06] You Are Eibi
04. [4:22] Moji Koi
05. [3:52] Kankitsu Neko Punch
06. [3:44] End Roll ni Boku no Namae o Ire Nai de
07. [4:42] Kara Full Hiyori
08. [4:15] Shutter Chance
09. [5:15] Good School Girl
10. [5:33] Natsu no Hanken
01. Matoi
02. Natsu no Hanken
03. Shutter Chance
04. Balleri Ko
05. “Matoi” MV Satsuei Fuukei
06. “Ori Toku CD o Recording Shiyou”

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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