Anison Mix Laboratory ~Second Report~ – Pre-release Info

Anison Mix Laboratory ~Second Report~
Release Date: 4/29/15
Price: 2778 yen

Update (2/22/15): A few new details have emerged. The album will be produced by DJ Kenzi, who some may remember produced and mixed Meganimation a couple of years ago. That seems to be a good sign that the album will lean towards a speed trance sound. Cover art will be drawn by Kaworu Watashiya. 18 songs are planned.

Update (2/12/15): Early list is out, and it looks like they’ve chosen songs from more recent shows. It also appears that there’ll be a new remix of one of the tracks from the first release. Still no word on whether the album will be trance, eurobeat, or country.

Original Post (2/10/15):
A couple of years ago, Doc-S wondered if the Anison Laboratory series would ever get a Second Report. Mind you, the first and technically only release (if you don’t count Vocaloid Laboratory) was in 2011. Welp, here we are in 2015 and Universal have finally announced a sequel! The only caveat is that they’ve changed the title from Anison Trance Laboratory to a more all-encompassing Anison Mix Laboratory.

The First Report featured a who’s who of trance artists, including 4 Skips, Ace Closer, Ryu*, and kors k, while the Vocaloid release was mostly Ace Closer. Details for this sequel are scant at the moment. My first thought was that the title change meant they might go for eurobeat, but Akiba Koubou sadly haven’t been active for a while now. I guess the key question is why revive a series after 4 years? It’s possible that they have Ace Closer back on board and it’ll be an EDM album since that’s his sound now, but with the recent release of the OHC album I can’t help but hope that it’ll be trance again.

Interestingly, first-press copies of the album will include a ticket to a release party, which is pretty common for dance/trance albums. I think we can be reasonably assured that this will at least be a dance album.

01. “Hanayamata” ~ Hana wa Odore ya Iroha ni ho
02. “Nourin” ~ Himitsu no Tobira kara Ai ni Kite
03. “Golden Time -Golden Time-” ~ Golden Time
04. “Witch Craft Works” ~ Witch*Activity
05. “Nagi no Asukara” ~ lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~
06. “Non Non Biyori” ~ Non Non Biyori
07. “Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.” ~ Baby Sweet Berry Love
08. “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next” ~ Be My Friend
09. “Servant × Service” ~ May I Help You?
10. Beam My Beam (Shin Remix ver.) / (from Dear Stage)

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6 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    I actually found the first one rather flat in terms of the arrangements. Still I’m looking forward to this.

  2. Doc-S Says:

    Nice list so far.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    Amazon is selling this for 3000 yen. Seriously?

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    CD prices are going up because of the weak yen and the CD market finally crashing last year. Still, 2,778 JPY currently converts to 23.50 USD or around 15.25 GBP. For comparison, the First Report was released in 2011 for 1,714 JPY, which at the time converted to 21 USD or 13.20 GBP. That 1,000 yen difference looks bad, but it translates to a 2 USD or GBP increase.

    But, yeah, I’m hoping for a digital release at half the price. It’s just a shame that itunes cards are finally cheap again, but there’s nothing to buy anymore -_-

  5. Doc-S Says:

    An iTunes release will probably be mixed again, just to remind you.
    I just really hope it doesn’t turn out to be eurobeat or I’ll be so peeved.

  6. Doc-S Says:

    I just hope if DJ Kenzi is involved, they don’t make some of the vocals all electonic-ish like in Meganimation. That’s what made me not want to buy it physically.

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