Exit Tunes at C84!

Quake will once again be present with an Exit Tunes booth at the 84th Comic Market, where they’ll be selling exclusive merchandise. The event runs from August 10-12. There’s a big emphasis on the Yuyushiki anime this year. They don’t even have as much Vocalo or Utattemite merchandise as they have in the past.

Item #1: C84 Limited!! TV Anime “Yuyushiki” Original Picture Book. For 1,500 yen you can get a picture book featuring art from the anime, “Yuyushiki.” The book is 164 pages long, 8 of those being in full color.

More merchandise after the jump. There’s also a PV for the goods. At around 4:24 you can hear snippets from the new Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga song.

Item #2: C84 Limited Quantity!! Wonderful 6-Piece Yuyushiki Goods Set. For 3,000 yen you get a variety of Yuyushiki-branded goods.

  • 1. A2 Bath Poster
  • 2. Yuyushiki Fan
  • 3. Yuyushiki Famous Scene Postcard Set
  • 4. Yuyushiki Postcard Storage Album
  • 5. Yuyushiki Deluxe Paper Bag
  • 6. A2 Clear Poster

Item #3-5: C84 Limited!! Yuyushiki T-Shirts. For 2,500 yen each, you can get T-shirts emblazoned with characters from the Yuyushiki anime.

Item #6: C84 Limited!! Yuyushiki B2 Tapestry. 3,500 yen gets you a large B2-size tapestry featuring characters from Yuyushiki.

Item #7: C84 Limited!! Yuyushiki Summer Towel. 2,500 yen nets you a beach towel featuring scantily clad characters from Yuyushiki.

Item #8: C84 Limited!! Wonderful 7-Piece Vocalo Goods Set. For 3,000 yen you can get a variety of Vocaloid goods.

  • 1. GUMI A2 Bath Poster
  • 2. GUMI Desk Pad (Heartbreak Headline)
  • 3. Vocalo Extra Large Paper Bag
  • 4. MAYU Muffler towel
  • 5. MAYU A2 Clear Poster
  • 6. GUMI Paperback Cover (Tokio Funka)
  • 7. MAYU & GUMI Jumbo Fan

Item #9: C84 Limited!! Wonderful 6-Piece Artist Goods Set. For 3,000 yen you can get a variety of goods from Exit Tunes artists.

  • 1. Glutamine Clea File
  • 2. __ (Underbar) Ball-Point Pen
  • 3. Shamuon Ruler
  • 4. Matsushita Tote Bag
  • 5. Mikito P Desk Pad
  • 6. Touyu Tin Pen Case

Item #10: C84 Limited !! “Shinkirou / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga” Maxi Single. A new, original song from Another Infinity (Ryu* + Starving Trancer) featuring Mayumi Morinaga.

  • 01. Shinkirou / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
    02. Shinkirou (Instrumental) / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
    03. Shinkirou (Ryu? Remix) / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga

Item #11: Michaon Photo Book “Meet Your Only World!” A photo book featuring pictures of the duo, Michaon.

Item #12-14: Yuyushiki Mini Sit Mascot.  3 mini-figures featuring characters from Yuyushiki.

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