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Jan 11

CJBack to the Dancefloor
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: Spring 2010

The Captain Jack website has been updated with more details on the upcoming album, formerly known as Rewind to the 90’s.

2010 we celebrate Captain Jack’s 15th anniversary. The new album “Back to the Dancefloor” will contain DJ remixes of the greatest hits as well as new compositions in the 90’s style. It will be released in 2010 with a videoclip and a huge promotional campaign.

Also featured is a live medley of some of Captain Jack’s most popular songs. I’m really loving the new remixes of “Drill Instructor” and “Captain Jack.”

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Sep 22

Dream a Dream (AATW Remixes)
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: ???
Price: ???

As mentioned on the Eternal Music blog, UK-based label AATW will be doing new remixes of the Captain Jack classic, “Dream a Dream.” Former Dancemania artists, Friday Night Posse and Flip & Fill, are among the remixers. Below is the remix by FNP, using their Handz Up! alias:

I’m assuming there’s a promo floating around since Helios has already reviewed the tracks. He gave no indication of when the single will be released, however, or whether the remixes have anything to do with the upcoming remix album, “Rewind to the 90’s.”

Update: The promo CD is up on eBay. It’s still unknown when/if a retail single will be available

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Sep 21


New details have surfaced about the upcoming album. In addition to remixes/remakes of CJ’s classics, there’ll also be new tracks, presumably also in the 90’s sound. Bruce Lacy has been doing quite a few live appearances recently, and many of those have been at 90’s throwback parties. There’s sort of a mini-renaissance of eurodance going on in Europe, mostly driven my nostalgia, and Udo Niebergall is ready to cash in. Besides, neither CJ Jr.’s album nor Captain Jack Is Back lit up the charts, so maybe a return to what made CJ so popular in the first place will be more successful.

Surprisingly, there seems to be yet another new female vocalist, Laura Pozo Martin. Check out her MySpace for a lovely cover of “Fields of Gold.”

New versions of “Give It Up,” “Volare,” and “Iko Iko” have been among the songs played during their live appearances, so it’s very likely they’ll be appearing on the new album.

Aug 3


This news has been up for a few months now on the official Captain Jack website, but for those who missed it, it seems that the Captain Jack team is planning for another comeback this year. They have a notice saying that a new single featuring “Captain Jack (Remix 2009)” will be coming soon, followed by an album titled “Rewind to the 90’s.” I’m curious as to whether the “Captain Jack” remix will have the original vocals, or if Bruce and Jamie Lee will record new ones. Again, though, this news has been up for months, but there still hasn’t been any announcement on when the single or album will be released. Presumably the single will come out sometime this year. It would be a little awkward to have a “Remix 2009” released in 2010.

In more Captain Jack news, the remaining Captain Jack singes and albums are in the process of being uploaded to Juno Download. What’s really interesting is that they’ll also be putting up “unreleased” tracks from the 90s.

August 14: She’s Gonna Get You (’95 Unreleased Track)
September 10: Wolly Bolly (’95 Unreleased Track)
October 8: Dam Dam Dam (’95 Unreleased Track)
November 12: Falling in Love with You (’95 Unreleased Track)

Umm, yeah… It doesn’t sound like Franky Gee is on “She’s Gonna Get You” at all, and the rapper on “Wolly Bolly” doesn’t really sound like him either. Could it be the mysterious James Durbin? The female vocalist does sound like Liza, though.

Nov 6

Captain Jack Is BackThe new album was supposed to come out on October 16, but has since been delayed to November 21:

Beatdisaster have released a press release with the album art and final track list.

01. Mission Complete (Intro)
02. Turkish Bazar
03. We Will Rock You
04. Push It Up
05. Rainbow in the Sky
06. Free
07. Dreams
08. Hit the Road Jack
09. Base Jam
10. Take Me Away
11. Say Captain Say Wot
12. I Was a Fool
Bonus Tracks
13. Captain Jack
14. Drill Instructor
15. Soldier Soldier
16. Only You
17. Turkish Bazar (DJ Falk House Mix)

Track 6 is supposed to be a eurodance song written by a Culture Beat songwriter. It looks like they won’t completely abandon eurodance, though the press release claimed that the style was “R ‘n’ B / Hip Hop / Pop.”

Tracks 13-16 are not new covers, but are instead the original versions.

Sep 5

Turkish BazarThe new Captain Jack single is slated for release on September 18, but Juno Download has samples up now:

Turkish Bazar (Single)
Turkish Bazar (House Mixes)

The house mix isn’t too bad, though I oddly prefer the reggaeton version. Still, would it have killed them to make a eurodance mix for old times’ sake?

Jul 22
Captain Jack – Best of DVD
icon1 DanceMaster | icon2 Dance, Dancemania | icon4 07 22nd, 2008| icon31 Comment »

Coming November 2008, presumably in Germany and other European territories. I remember that they originally wanted to release a DVD to coincide with the Greatest Hits album back in 2005, but nothing ever materialized. Maybe this time it’ll actually come out. It’d certainly be nice to have all of CJ’s videos in one place.

And something else I never knew: Franky Gee wasn’t the original CJ. o_O According to the official website, he was preceded by a guy named James Durbin.

Jul 20
Captain Jack is back!
icon1 DanceMaster | icon2 Dance, Dancemania | icon4 07 20th, 2008| icon3No Comments »

No, really, that’s actually the name of the album: Captain Jack Is Back. The new album comes out October 16, while a new single, Turkish Bazar, will come out on September 19. There’s a music video for the single at CJ’s official website:

Uhh, okay. This is obviously not what the fans have been clamoring for. Unfortunately, Eurodance is no longer a viable genre, well, anywhere. Dancehall is what’s hot in Japan at the moment, so maybe that’s why CJ went down that route. Still, one has to wonder why they’re bothering at all. Can’t we just let CJ rest in peace?

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